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Share to Share Artist Video Shorts Series Premieres at LTV

By Bill McCuddy

  • Eva Iacono and Walter Sanchez at the Share-to-Share Project’s LTV premiere
  • Bill McCuddy

The founders of, Eva Iacono and Walter E. Sanchez, welcomed many of the 23 East End artists who contributed to a new series of video shorts that premiered recently at an LTV reception. Part of their Share to Share Project, each short features a local artist speaking about his or her life and work, along with footage of pieces they’ve created.

Stage one of the project comprises 24 videos, running approximately 10–30 minutes each, with artists such as David Slater (in two parts), Darlene Charneco, Anne Seelbach, Dan Welden, Paton Miller, Robin Gianis and 17 others, including Iacono and Sanchez.

“We wanted to show people the artists behind the art” Sanchez says.

  • Share to Share Project featured artists at the LTV premiere
  • Bill McCuddy

“I’m a former Spanish teacher at East Hampton High School,” Iacono explains, adding, “Walter helped there for some of my student projects and we’ve also done group art shows together. This project grew out of that.”

Artist Rob Calvert, who is featured in one video, says the initiative is positive. “It’s important for artists out here to see themselves and hear themselves. In a studio you’re by yourself.”

With Stage one of the Share to Share Project launched, they will now reach beyond the East End, to look at artists from other parts of the world.

“After the extraordinary experience of this first stage of our project, we want to expand beyond the borders of this region, and even this country. We have friends who are creators and artists around the world and we want you to be able to hear from them about their creative visions,” the project website, explains.

To see all the artist videos from the Share to Share Project, visit Share 2Art on YouTube or

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